Now that’s a SAND DOLLAR 🙂 First time I’m seeing one. 

 Like a forgotten fire, a childhood can always flare up again within us.  ~Gaston Bachelard


57 thoughts on “ALONG THE BEACH

  1. The main reason of Photography is that allows you to see images of the past. Ten years from now you may be living far away from that place, however, you could relive the moment just looking at the photographs! 🙂 Good pictures!

  2. The cityscape is just a class apart… awesome capture! I love it for everything it is 🙂 and the sea you’ve captured is so calming… feels at peace! very nice collection of pictures…

  3. How wonderful! I love the ocean and beaches but have never seen a sand-dollar that wasn’t just dried out skeleton/bone. How cool to see one with that much color and still looking rather “fuzzy”. So glad you shared these and thanks for coming by my blog today, I look forward to looking around your further.

  4. Cool. I’ve never seen a sand dollar. Superb picture of Jumeirah beach and the Burj Chalifa. Next month I’ll visit Dubai once again. Yeah.

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