28 thoughts on “BIRD WALK

  1. Oh, this is so lovely, and you captured so beautifully. There is an episode in here, they tell… I remember this one now. But please sorry if I can’t explain well, I will try to translate.
    They fall in love with each other, two birds… And they decided to meet next day too,and The Bird, he said that we would met in this same roof… The Bird, she said, all right.
    Next day, The bird, she came to the same roof and she was waiting for him. Then she saw him down the street, he was walking… When they met again she asked why didn’t you fly?
    The Bird, he answered, “Because I fall in love with you and I am so happy I can walk like human….”
    (there is a phrase in my own language, when we feel so happy we use this phrase, I can fly like birds…) The episode opposite of this… I hope I could translated well.

    Thank you, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

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